Build a Brand, Build your Business.

We help people like you

Yes you.  Whether you need a single one-off creative solution or a partner agency to take the strain, we will deliver a single item or become your creative team for a long as you need us to. Some of our clients are household brands and some are high street start ups; so we have your back – whatever you need.

There are very few things that can’t be solved by creative thinkers. Not just dudes and hipsters but people with experience, and minds which work sideways as well as up and down. Delivering without drama, bringing the right resource to your brief (and only your brief), so you won’t end up with the same solution from the same people – who gave a something similar to the client just before you.


To make what we do enjoyable for everyone involved in the creative process and its outcome.


To help people like you. 


To do what we do, really well and make clients happy that we did.

Thomas & Miller


Sue Thomas

Account Director & Founder
Probably the first contact you’ll have with Thomas Miller will be Sue. She’ll listen, she’ll ask questions, she won’t sell to you. Sue will make what you need to happen, happen. She plans, she schemes and she does a lot of excellent creative pointing.
Tim Miller

Tim Miller

Creative Director & Founder
Tim leads the creative direction of everything we do. All projects and partnerships from start to finish will have to have passed the Tim Test in order to be allowed out. Sue even lets him talk to clients sometimes – and he’s very good at that too.
Our studio


Pencils sharpened, marker pens sniffed, macs fired up and mouses rolling. Talent pours as soon as the coffee does. Say hello
The Pauls Media Planning

The Pauls

Media Campaign Planning
Not everyone who plans media campaigns has to be called Paul... but it helps. Say hello
Finance Team


Jo. Don't mess with Jo. She has your number, in fact she has a lot of numbers, which is handy, considering what she does. Say hello
Digital Team


It might look pretty, but does it work? We keep a team of technical titans close, they make sure what we create does everything you need it to. Say hello
Campaign creative
Event branding


Digital Creative


Sue Thomas and Tim Miller founded Thomas Miller Creative in 2014. Having run large agencies and big studio teams, they had both become tired of having meetings about having meetings and scrutinising spreadsheets of inflated targets and greedy profit lines. They’d lost sight of what their customers wanted and what made them happy; creating things people loved, being their own bosses and cutting out the business bull.

So they did something about it – and clients are very happy they did.