Aisle 17. A short film from New Creatives.

New Creatives is a talent development scheme for new filmmakers. Supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts, the New Creatives scheme gives over 500 artists aged 16-30 years, the chance to develop their technical and creative skills and the opportunity to have their work broadcast on BBC platforms.

We were asked to design set graphics for Aisle 17. The script idea is the brainchild of Molly Jones & Scott Parkin and is set in a dystopian future in a world ravaged by pollution. Inhabitants of this barren world gather at JP stores (a dilapidated supermarket with remnants of former, better times). We follow one man to navigate his way through his daily shop. Snorkels at the ready.

We set about creating a value style modern logo for JP stores, using colors, sunshine, and a dashing, stylised shopping trolley. The logo deliberately looking out of place in the now run-down store.

We then created an old staff name badge, with former employee’s names, just visible below the hand-drawn scrawl.  We also created shop signage, shelf strips, and stickers.

The film is beautifully imagined by Director & Editor, Mike Doxford and Produced by Rachel Lambert.

Aired by BBC Introducing Arts on BBC4, 7th February 2021, the Radio Times wrote that of the short films shown in the collection;  “Aisle 17 is the most visually striking piece. A stylish, dystopian trip to the supermarket”.

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October 2020. Broadcast February 2021.


Rural Media


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