Accessible Enhanced Pregnancy Guides

Accessible Pregnancy Guides

Pregnant athletes now have increased and improved support following the publication of updated guidance.

We created the original editions for UK Sport and the new editions were built specifically to be accessible for all and to meet AA standards. The guidance covers a host of subjects relating to pregnancy and post-childbirth. While it is designed for UK Sport-funded athletes and SGBs, the advice applies to non-Olympic and non-Paralympic sports and sportspeople too.

As the guidance points out, raising a family and being an elite athlete should not be mutually exclusive. While childbirth dramatically changes a woman’s life, with the appropriate support and guidance, they will have the best opportunity to continue their career in elite sport and achieve their sporting ambitions.

Two versions of the guidance have been compiled, one for athletes and another for sports governing bodies (SGBs). The documents are designed to offer details of the support available to pregnant athletes while they are on a World Class Programme and how SGBs can make sure they offer the level of resources and reassurance each athlete may require.

Communication and knowledge are at the heart of the guidance, with extensive details relating to the relationship between the athlete, their SGB, and their medical practitioners.

See the updated versions here . Each contains additional resources including new and enhanced guidance on fertility, babies’ sleep patterns, and managing multiple pregnancies. There is also extra detail on appropriate supplements, diet, and breastfeeding.


December 2023


UK Sport


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