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Each year UK Sport brings together the system behind the phenomenal success of British high – performance athletes. The annual conference is the only chance the system has, to get everyone together during the four yearly Olympic and Paralympic cycles.

2018 saw a change in the fundamental purpose of the conference, switching from top down lectures and seminars, into mutual sharing and learning opportunities with active participation and knowledge sharing for all. 

Not only did we help re-brand from The World Class Performance Conference into Performance Learning x (Experience? Exchange? Extra? – X indeed marks the spot) but also helped shape the event delivery in the magnificent venue of The Principal Hotel Manchester.

In 2019, our conference branding represented the imminent games in Tokyo as well as future games in Los Angeles and Paris. Mindful of priceless Victoria tiles and listed decor and needing to be cognisant of the warren of corridors and paths and multiple meeting rooms, the logistics and delegate traffic-flow was uppermost in our minds. Not only that but the inaugural PLx Awards were launched with a gala dinner and its own Awards branding, which we also developed.

Print, online, animation, work books, signage, and delegate packs and speaker graphics  – were just some of the items we created and are proud to have delivered.


November 2019


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