… some positive news

The atrocity that is the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces rolls on. While we all wish, hope, and pray that the situation ends in peace very soon, it’s hard to keep it constantly top of mind while also continuing with regular daily life. Not being able to help or indeed do anything much at all, produces the classic ‘fright but NO flight’ response that can make us all anxious and despondent. We have to switch off to get on.

So when Thomas Miller’s landlord Tim C, said he was driving a lorry to Poland to deliver medical supplies on behalf of World Extreme Medicine we saw first-hand, positive pro-action being taken to help the unfolding humanitarian crisis, with an initiative called Medics4Ukraine.

This month (June 2022), Tim C and three other volunteer drivers drove a convoy of medical supplies to the Ukraine border, a 2,700-mile round trip, delivering desperately needed trauma kits and other medical supplies. Volunteers in Poland provided a warm welcome and overnight accommodation before the successful cargo transfer.

It was a successful trip, not without logistical hazards and red tape – but Tim’s planning another trip very soon.

We all wish he didn’t have to.

Sue Thomas & Tim Miller – Directors, Thomas Miller Creative