Athlete’s Voice

We began working with The British Athletes Commission (BAC) in 2018 and in 2023 they became the British Elite Athletes Association (BEAA).  The organisation supports the well-being of High-Performance athletes; both practically and emotionally with mental health foremost. Performing at the highest level involves many sacrifices and total dedication. The toll this can take on an elite athlete is potentially huge, impacting emotionally, financially, and sometimes legally. BEAA exists to help. Medal-winning performances result from well-cared-for and well-supported athletes across the system.

Our long-established involvement with UK Sport, as well as a number of individual national sporting bodies, means that we are in a very good position to support BEAA in a number of ways; including branding and communications.

We work with Athlete Representatives, board members, and stakeholders across BEAA departments, to better understand, create and live a newly developed brand. Involving all aspects of communication from how we look to how we behave and sound.

We continue to develop and work ever more closely with BEAA to identify areas for improvement and to enable the Athlete’s Voice to be heard.

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