Karin Brawn. HR Consultant

Karin is a professional HR consult, with years of experience and many qualifications to prove it. But what makes Karin’s consultancy different is that she puts real people at the heart of it.

For all things wellbeing, inclusion, psychological safety, training, and facilitating or simply HR support. #humanHR is Karin’s core brand driver and she’s very good at it.

We created the brand ID, and designed and developed her website.

Karin said:

“Enormous thanks to Tim at Thomas Miller for patiently putting up with my endless changes, existential angst – (why am I doing this? ) – and logo dithering. His skill and vision brought my ideas to fruition, by getting them out of my head and down on paper.”

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April 2021.


Karin Brawn HR


Branding, web design and development