RJD Technology. Explainer Video. Complex – made simple.

The power of pictures is – as we know, worth a thousand words. So when both are crafted carefully, displayed sensitively, and combined powerfully, they can make complex information more easily understood.

RJD is a technology and IT company, working at the highest level of intelligence and security inside the Government and MOD. Their knowledge and experience are also available to the commercial and private sectors, but making what RJD does, easily understandable – to an audience with no prior knowledge is key to RJD’s ambitions for growth.

RJD focuses on the application and improvement of an organisation’s business systems and processes. They provide training, consultancy and analytical support to the defence, public and commercial sectors.

Our brief was to demonstrate all that – in 120 seconds. So what better solution than a succinct script, a beautifully created animation and a captioned supported voice-over.

Take a look.


August 2021.


RJD Technology


2D animation, script, and edit.