ABTA. Lobbying Government.

COVID – 19 has devastated many businesses and lives.  The travel industry is at a tipping point, so when ABTA decided to storm social media in an effort to create widespread reform, we were asked to help – and quickly.

Using the latest data from Members, ABTA has written to the PM calling for an overhaul of the traffic light system. They’re also emphasising the need for tailored financial support as 7 in 10 travel companies plan to make redundancies after furlough ends.

From up-to-date research and pulling out salient points, we created a summary and social posts which clearly stated what the government needed to do. These assets were made available to the industry and quickly went viral.

69% of travel companies with staff on furlough are expecting to make further redundancies once the scheme ends this month. This takes the estimated total of jobs lost to nearly 100,000 in the outbound travel sector, and more than 226,000 once supply chains are also considered.

The Government’s overly cautious travel requirements have led to the UK trailing behind its European competitors. Not only was the UK much slower than other countries to restart, with more stringent restrictions, it has also failed to capitalise on the progress of the vaccine rollout. EU citizens who have been double vaccinated have been able to travel within Europe without the need to test for months, a contrast to the expensive and onerous arrangements that have applied in the UK.


September 2021. Social Storm on 14.09.21




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