MAST Mayflower Studios. What's On 2022

MAST Mayflower Studios 2022

Since 2020 when we were invited to run a naming and branding workshop, and develop a new brand for MAST Mayflower Studios, the theater has grown up from Mayflower’s little sister into an independent young woman it its very own right.  Feisty, funny, diverse, eclectic, colourful and sometimes challenging (as all the best women are) we were very pleased to be able to create and deliver MAST ‘s very own independent 40pp What’s On programme for summer/autumn 2022. Proof – as if any was needed, that Southampton’s producing theater has come of age.

You can pick up a program that contains workshops, events, shows, and performances directly from the theatre. 22,000 have been mailed out and if you’d like one visit uk to get onto the mailing list and stay up to date…


July 2022


MAST Mayflower Studios


Programme design artwork and print.