Mayflower Theatre re-opens. Lockdown is lifted, safely.

Live performance was, of course, brought to a standstill throughout the pandemic. The performance industry suffered badly with theatres and festivals, concert halls, and venues shutting or closing. So when we were asked to create a re-opening campaign for the south’s best-loved theatre and the UK’s third-largest theatre venue, we threw everything we had into it.

A glittering creative to demonstrate that Mayflower was opening and what a night it had in store for you. We were brimming with ideas which thankfully loved. In fact, Mayflower loved three ideas so much we which we fused them into one cohesive campaign. This appeared on outdoor media, (posters, buses, Adshels) ads, and digital animations.

The campaign addressed the impetus people had to be able to finally dress up and go out, swap their screen for showtime, and make the Government’s mantra mean something else with Hands. Face. Space turned on its head.

It’s been too long. But welcome back.


July 2021.


Mayflower Theatre


Campaign creation and launch