Campaign - Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG)

Rural Media – for West Mercia Police

Rural Media asked us to help support an awareness campaign for all to stand up and challenge, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and thus enable a safer night out for all.

Rural Media created an awareness film showing the different ways women and girls can be, and are, harassed and assaulted at night and the consequences of such actions.

Rural Media filmed from the perspective of groups of young men and women on a night out, using social media formats to document a series of typical scenarios from both young men’s and young women’s perspectives.

The film pulls no punches. We created an ad campaign to support the film and its message that certain behaviour is not OK and to encourage peers and the public to recognise harassment and stand up for a safe night out.

View the film here:

Our ad campaign has appeared on social media platforms, OOH /on-premises posters and buses.

Maxine Nelmes, Campaign & Marketing Officer – VAWG and Corporate Communications for West Mercia said
“The campaign looks great, thanks for the thoughtful design.  It will be powerful and impactive.’

Read more about the campaign here:

Safe Night Out In Shropshire | West Mercia Police


October 2023


Rural Media – for West Mercia Police


Campaign creation. Design, copy, photography, artwork.