Itchen Sixth Form College - 2024

Itchen Sixth Form College – 2024 prospectus

Itchen College is a sixth-form college based in Hampshire. Offering A-levels and vocational courses across an extensive curriculum.

What we were particularly struck by, when we met,  was how welcoming, warm, and inclusive the college is. Staff stay. They care and although they achieve great academic results, students are made to feel part of the college, whatever their passions, interests, and strengths are.

We were asked to create the 2024 prospects and also provide brand rationale and positioning that would sit with the college’s spirit and also position them for the future.

We understood from our first meeting, that staff were there to guide students through the choppy waters of post-school – pre-adult life, with all the challenges that presents.

16-19 years is one of the most mercurial and transitional times in a young person’s life. It’s a crucial time, and experiences formed now will affect a student’s outlook for years to come.

Itchen staff, at all levels and stages, are trusted guides, experienced confidents, and inspiring leaders They will take their students from “A to wherever they want to B”.

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September 2023


Itchen Sixth Form College


Brand positioning. Design, print and large format signage.