Sport Integrity: A new independent disclosure & complaints service.

Sport Integrity: A new independent disclosure and complaints service.

In May, a new independent disclosure and complaints service pilot, Sport Integrity, was launched. Its aim is to support athletes, coaches, and all support personnel within the Olympic and Paralympic high-performance community across the UK.

We created a brand identity, guidelines, and promotional online assets to launch the pilot initiative which is funded by National Governing Bodies (NGBs), operating Olympic and Paralympic high-performance programmes, to uphold the highest standards of conduct in their sports. These services will be made available free of charge to funded NGBs.

Sport Integrity will be delivered by Sport Resolutions, an independent sports-specific dispute resolution service, supported by a confidential reporting line hosted by the charity Crimestoppers.

We are very proud to be involved from the beginning to help with this vital initiative.

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May 2022


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