Official pregnancy guidance from UK Sport for Olympic and Paralympic athletes and sports governing bodies.

UK Sport has for the first time, published pregnancy guidance for athletes and governing bodies, with chief executive Sally Munday stressing “no athlete should be forced to make a choice between elite sport and starting a family”.

We created both 50pp+ documents for a very tight publishing deadline. The guides include advice for athletes on how, and when, they should inform their sport of their pregnancy, as well as advice for the sport governing bodies should the athlete share the news of the pregnancy with them.

It also details resources like useful websites, apps, and social media pages, as well as information on topics such as mental health, miscarriage and stillbirth.

Our task was to pull together a “wide-ranging” 18-month consultation involving athletes, coaches, and medical practitioners, and does not recommend a “one-size fits all approach”.

The funding body also plans to develop further guidance focusing on surrogacy, adoption, egg freezing, IVF, and same-sex parents.

UK Sport chief executive Sally Munday said the publication of the new guidance was an “important marker”.

“No athlete should be forced to make a choice between elite sport and starting a family,” she said.

“Giving birth and starting a family can be physically and mentally challenging for a mother, so it is essential that female athletes, and sports, have the right resources at their disposal.

“We want to ensure that mothers and mothers-to-be are fully confident that they will be supported fairly and appropriately in all aspects of their life.”

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October 2021.


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