Restarting Travel – Lockdown Easing

After months of lockdown, preparing the UK for international travel is like trying to choreograph a  dance with partners who are doing a slightly different step.

ABTA exists to give travellers the confidence to travel, by ensuring the companies they choose to book with, meet high standards of quality and financial robustness as well as upholding excellent codes of conduct. But CV-19 is making life tough and with government guidelines changing, sometimes hourly ABTA needed a fast turnaround and a reliable partnership – we were happy to help.

We built a FCO world wide travel grid  using a tool that anyone at ABTA could easily update and change at a moments notice.  This necessitated deploying a designer’s least favoured friend – Word and it required some wrestling. Office Word is designed for desk tops office use, and for text not graphics. We produced something which we were very proud of and more importantly didn’t look like Word, but is very easy to use and update, by anyone.

We also created a handy mobile friendly checklist to help prepare people for getting out and to travel safely, plus we created an infographic to be shared on multiple Social Media platforms. The infographic demonstrated  just how ABTA Members expertise could help make travelling safe.


July 2020




Online and print