Print that!

Everyone is multitasking, scheduling and scanning like daemons; all trying to stay on top of – well everything! Meanwhile, us creative marketers are feverishly fighting for the attention of potential customers. Sending out content like battle scarred generals;

fielding armies of rotating gifs, squadrons of flying emails, back up advertising artillery and tactical social media infantry, in a coordinated attack to take the sale and own the brand!

A sombre trumpeter plays last-post to commemorate the downfall of print… sob, sniff… sigh.

But dry those tears mate- print’s not dead – it’s just over looked and under-utilised.

And we are making the most of that – clever clients know print’s a great way to get noticed – again!

Print occupies a physical space. If you put it down, it stays there, you could pick it up again. If it feels good, you’ll remember it much longer. A website is one click to close. Print stands out in a naked landscape of TVs, monitors and mobiles. Now shelves are devoid of books and photos are in the cloud, a gorgeous piece of print gets noticed.
It’s hard to build a brand online – in print it stays visible and in context. Digital exclusive companies are starting to print magazines! IT’S TRUE – print is good for you

There is something about print too that gives it a sense of authority.

In the past six months at Thomas Miller Creative we’ve animated Gifs, built HTML5 ads and filmed a TV documentary – but we’ve also printed hundreds of information workbooks for a big three-day conference. The wiro-bound books had information and note pages, stickers and sticker sheets, throw out time tables and a wipe down cover! We have also designed and produced glossy sales brochures, pimped up a price list and hand drawn calligraphic invitations.

For the first time in two years a client eschewed an email for a lovely piece of targeted, short run DM and the results are astonishing. It’s different, its tangible and we make it look bloomin’ beautiful.

Print is dead – long live print.

*We didn’t make the ‘Z’ word up (but it’s good isn’t it) a zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes of data and that figure is set to double every 18-24 months